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Multimeters for Beginners – Basic usage & how-to


Guide: digital Multimeter – The Basics


The aim of this page is to help beginners and experts alike become familiar with all the various features that a multimeter has. If you’re an expert, perhaps you will find the most value by skipping through to the sections that you find relevant. But if you’re a beginner or just getting started with electronics hopefully this guide can teach you some things about using a multimeter to measure current, resistance, voltage and much more.


Why Use a Multimeter?

For a start, a multimeter is simply a measurement tool mostly used in electronics, or by tradesman and electricians. It has several important features such as; measuring voltage, ohms and amps. If you work with circuits, you’ll know that these are important measurements that can give you valuable information about the work you’re doing. If a circuit isn’t working you’ll need a multimeter to figure out why it’s not working, and locate where the problem is.
Some of the most obvious applications for these features:

  • Is the battery alive?
  • Is enough current flowing through this wire?
  • Is the power switch functioning correctly?


Different Multimeters

Most multimeters that you can find on the market will support all of the features listed above. However, not all products are created equal. There’s also a huge variety in the amount that they cost, from budget up to very expensive high quality models. If all you need is those basic functions, then you won’t have to spend much money – if you go for the cheaper option though, you’re device will not be so accurate at measuring voltage. Which is okay if you don’t need 100% precision for the job that you’re doing.  Some jobs, particularly working with circuits on computers and similar devices will require pinpoint accuracy – in which case a fluke multimeter might be the best option for you.


Getting to Know the parts

There are several parts that serve various purposes. There are also basics functions which you will find on all devices no matter how cheap or basic the model you choose is. All digital multimeters will have a digital display readout. There is also the selection knob, this is a switch that you turn to the metric that you intend to measure. Click the arrow towards amps, ohms, or volts depending on what you need. Most will also feature various ports, you can plug the probes into these.











Decorate Your Windows With Easy Crafts

Decorate Your Windows – Ideas and Tips


Decorate your windows with easy crafts that you can make yourself and you’ll give your home a new look for each season. Almost everyone’s heard of window clings – thin plastic cut into shapes like Christmas trees, candy canes, hearts or pumpkins. The clings are easy to put up and give character to windows during the holidays.

You can now find window clings that are more like corner borders. The lacy strips come in packs of four and one goes on each corner of the window to look as if it’s been etched. These clings come in all sorts of patterns so you can do middle-of-the-pane designs or borders.


Make your own glass etchings easily with new kits that provide everything you need. Basically a design is drawn on the window, the etching liquid is applied, and the design is then permanently etched into the window. There’s lots of nice designs, which use stencils to create, making it easy to have a beautifully etched piece of glass without the bother of conventional methods.


Look at a home improvements store for vinyl window coverings. The coverings come on a roll and you cut them to fit the window. There are designs that look like stained glass, ones that have scenery printed on them, and simple ones that just have a lace look. The roll application is meant to cover entire windows but designs can be cut from the plastic. The covering is a peel-and-stick type of window print that’s easy to use in large pieces or small.


Use clear contact paper to make virtually any design on any window. Simply cut out images from post cards, calendars, Christmas cards, wallpaper, or other sources, align them on the contact paper and place the paper on the window. You can also purchase kits that allow you to “frost” windows for privacy and beauty.


Tiny suction cups, sold at craft stores, make for all sorts of interesting window decor. Flat-type ornaments, like snowflakes, are perfectly suited for the suction cups. Try hanging ceramic dolphins on a bathroom window, string peppers up to hang in kitchen windows, or make a beaded cross or heart to hang on another window. Make shapes like initials out of pipe cleaners to hang in the windows as a monogram. Or, twist the pipe cleaners together then bend them to spell “Noel” or “Happy Easter”.


Craft stores have kits and supplies for new and easy techniques in stained glass windows. No more heavy lead to install or hours of work for small areas. The new staining is done by simply outlining the design in a squeezable liquid “lead” then colored in with a watercolor or jewel tone design. These are great for small door windows, to keep guests from peering in, but can be used on most any window.


If you have large panes of glass but would prefer smaller panes you don’t have to replace the window itself. Just purchase the new grids that snap into place giving any window a new look. The grids are easy to fit to any window size or shape and can be found at home improvement stores.

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