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Top 5 Glue Guns – Complete Buyers Guide

Best Glue Guns – Reviewed and compared


If you are one of those people who love arts and crafts then having a glue gun is a must have accessory. It is a perfect tool that aids in easy patch ups, works efficiently on different surfaces and dries really fast. Apart from arts and craft, glue guns are also applicable to other types of projects as well. Some of the common glue gun applications include wood work, recreational decor, packaging, etc. They can even stick pieces of cloth together. A glue gun works by using a hot melt adhesive. This is important as it is known to be water proof. If you are looking to buy one you’re in the right place, we have listed out some of the best available to make your decision easier.

Our Complete List of Top Glue Guns:




Cobiz Full Size Glue Gun

One of the best available for your DIY crafts and art project. The kit includes a hot glue gun along with 12, 8-inch glue sticks. Designed with two power options (60 and 100 watts) the gun is an all round product meant for both light and heavy duty jobs. The power options comes with two different light indicators for easy differentiation. There is also a thermal insulation feature that prevents it from overheating. You also have a complementary e book that is available with the gun giving you the latest DIY craft ideas. The professional looking gun comes with a lot of versatility and is effective on fabric, metal, wood, frames plastic paper and more.

Surebonder Dual Melt High/Low Temperature Glue Gun

:this option is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a gun with higher heating power. It is also an affordably priced gun. it has a low power option of 250 degrees Fahrenheit and also a high power option of 380 degree Fahrenheit. This is one of the budget variants and hence does not have an on and off button. In case you are required to stop the gun the only option available is to unplug the unit. Overall one can say for sure that the gun is best for basic projects and crafts due to the large size and lack of additional heating capabilities.



Upgraded version Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun – ccbetter

The gun is one of the best available choices for a mini glue gun that can also be safely used by children. Designed with a power of 20 watts the gun works well with wood, plastic, paper, ceramic, fabric, metal and much more. The construction of the gun involves a flexible trigger that allows you to efficiently control the flow of the glue. One of the rare functionalities available in a mini glue gun. While the insulated nozzle makes it one of the safest products available in the category. The design of the gun also has an LED light that indicates that the gun is switched on. Overall it is an above par product.

Stanley Bostitch Glue Gun (GR25)

The gun is one of the most versatile products in the category. It comes with a multi purpose functionality, with a warranty for lifetime, all at an affordable and great price. This particular glue gun has some of the best available features like it heats up with in a minute saving much time. It also comes with a one touch selector switch to help easily switch between low and high temperatures. The design and construction of the gun also includes a fold out stand facilitating protected storing while in use in order to prevent burns. While the only negative the gun has is that it lacks an off/on switch which means you are required to unplug the unit. But still the product is quite favored among most consumers for its versatile features and a great warranty.

Pam HB220 Glue Gun for Hot Melt Adhesive

 An ideal gun to complete all those heavy duty projects. This is considered as one of the highest rated glue guns and comes with a-220-watt of power. The gun is an ideal and suitable product to accomplish professional jobs like remodeling, repair, flooring installation and many more projects. It also comes with adaptable settings for temperature and can be efficiently used for longer duration of time as the glue remains in molten state. The temperature settings can vary between 140C – 220 degrees C and it takes approximately 5 minutes to heat up the glue. Finally the best feature of the gun is that it comes with a proprietary drip-free nozzle that provides the dual advantage of reducing wastage and keeping you safe.

Choosing The Best Glue Gun


A glue gun is normally available in different sizes with different features hence choosing the appropriate one can be a tedious job. Some of the most important things to take into account before you purchase are listed below:

  1. Temperature: Depending upon the user temperature plays an important role. If the gun is likely to be used by a child to complete their craft homework a low temperature gun should be ideal (for safety). The gun is also suitable to stick together delicate materials for projects that require precision. While the high temperature guns are preferred for sticking hard material like wood and doing other heavy duty projects. A dual temperature gun should be ideal if you prefer both.

  2. Trigger/Manual Feed: The trigger feed variant comes with the facility to slip the glue stick into the back of the gun and with each trigger pull the glue stick enters the heater and molten glue comes out through the nozzle. The manual Gun has a more basic design which means you have to feed the glue in manually rather than automatic.





A glue gun is a must have handy tool that comes with a number of fantastic functionalities. The product comes in handy not only for creating beautiful arts and craft pieces, but also do the odd repair jobs at home. Since such guns make use of hot glue adhesives they come with a surprisingly strong sticking ability, you would be surprised what you can accomplish with this tool. There are many advantages of choosing a glue gun but choosing the right kind suitable for your own specific needs is very important. We have put together some of the top glue guns available today to make your purchase decision easier. But whatever model of the gun you choose it is important to ensure that the safety instructions are followed as you are dealing with hot molten glue.

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